How To Choose Suitable Types And Take Care Of 24 Inch Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are radically ubiquitous in our today’s modern society. Normally, when it comes to hair extension, there are two prime criteria clients often notice of is its length and type. Many questions related to 24-inch hair extensions is asked a lot recently. Mostly, beauties are concerned about how to choose suitable types for their natural hair and take care of 24-inch hair extensions. Thus, our article today will answer all wonders of clients. Read on! Don’t skip any part!

Description of 24-inch hair extensions

24-inch hair extensions
The scales of the length hair extensions
(Source: Internet)

It is seen obviously from the picture that 24-inch hair wigs in straight, wavy, and curly styles differ slightly from positions. If you are a person loving charm or sweetness, this hair is great for you.

Why do you have to own at least one 24-inch hair extension? According to top professions, the miraculous length hair wigs are all the rage among celebrities, from the most influential women in Hollywood to the most famous name in music such as Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Gorgeous, Kylie Jenner, and so on. They usually use this hair in their photoshoots to have better look. Thus, why don’t you update this hot trend and dare to try 24-inch hair extensions?

To be honest, the 24-inch weave is a picky kind that not everyone dares to wear despite its stunning appearance. But if you are destined to be its owner, we firmly believe that you will never want to change into another kind because not only does it help you enhance your look but also it shows strongly your personality. It seems like a kind of comfort zone once you dare to step out of it, astonishing results will come.

To understand deeply 24-inch hair extensions including what kinds of that are as well as which you advisable are, let’s take a quick look at the next part!

Some kinds of 24-inch hair extensions – which is best for you?

It is suggested based on your usage purpose and affordability to opt to wear the best 24-inch hair extensions. In this post, Belady Hair Factory will mention several ubiquitous sorts of 24-inch hair extensions on the market to help you make a decision easier:

24-inch clip in hair extension

24-inch hair extensions
24-inch ombre clip in hair extensions (Source: Internet)

This length of clip-in hair extensions is teased for the most attractive look you can make. 24-inch clip-in hair extensions create super long hair, extra thick, extra gorgeous, giving you a chance to try styles only imaginable in the famous movies Hollywood.

In addition, 24-inch clip-in hair extension is loved because of their convenience. This type of hair wig is super easy to change anytime. Clip-in hair extensions can be put in rapidly as well as taken off quickly. If you do not like this look anymore, you always take it out yourself without hiring any professional hair stylists or going to luxurious salons.

Another outstanding perk of 24-inch clip-in hair extensions is that you can style them if you purchase the hair with good quality. This type is pretty suitable for those who change up their look frequently. You can enjoy vastly different styles such as curly, wavy, or straight. 24-inch clip-in hair wigs bring flexibility to work with various hairstyles without sacrificing length.

Besides, 24-inch clip-in hair wigs are also easy to take care of.  Just brush them gently to get rid of tangles, and make sure that you store them carefully when you are not wearing them. According to My Fantasy Hair, you do not have to worry about stress or wasting plenty of time caring for your hair extensions if you opt for the clip-in.

However, one disadvantageous point of 24-inch clip-in hair extensions is that if you pick clip-in hair extensions from a low supplier, the likelihood of breaking within one or two weeks is probably. To avoid this, you should buy this hair extension from providers having a lot of positive reviews. 24-inch clip-in hair extensions are available in many hair stores in the world.

24-inch tape in hair extensions

24-inch hair extensions
24-inch black body weaves tape in hair extensions ( Source: Internet)

Tape in hair extensions is considered the least damaging hair way because it allows your original hair to grow and repair itself in case damaged. The 24-inch semi-permanent form of tape in hair extensions can bring ideal length and volume to your look without the hassle of making a permanent change.

One of its phenomenal benefits is lasting a long time. Tape-in hair extensions are taped into your natural hair rather than sewed-ins or clipped-ins, which allows you to keep the hair extensions for a longer time. With proper maintenance, 24-inch tape-in hair extensions can last 2 or 3 months. Additionally, you can make your hair more versatile with tape-in hair wigs. There are several gorgeous hairstyles you can achieve such as long beachy weaves, sleek body tails, or long braids.

Especially, the magical type is suitable for those who often join in a workout or swim.  Many clients love 24-inch tape-in hair extensions because they can wear them when swimming or exercising at high frequency. Others form of hair extensions are very time-consuming to remove before taking part in activities while tape in one is more saving time as it will last in the water.

One important thing you should consider is its price. Generally, the price of 24-inch tape in hair extensions is more expensive when compared to other sorts of semi-permanent ones.

, Unlike clip-in hair extensions, tape-in-one requires the helping hand of a professional hair stylist, which means you have to pay for both hair extensions and a salon to get them installed. Normally, you will have to use 3 to 5 packs of 24-inch tape in hair wigs for a full head.

24-inch sew in hair extensions

24-inch hair extensions
24-inch black body weaves sew in hair extensions ( Source: Internet)

The type hair extensions are the best for thick or coarse hair. In addition, it is available in different colors such as black shades, blonde shades, brown shades, or ombre.

If you are looking for a reasonable price to have an application, consider 24-inch sew-in hair extensions. The good news for you is that this method is inexpensive when compared to other ways such as sew-in, fusion, or micro-loop.

24-inch tape in hair extensions are cheap in both the price of installation and the price of the extensions. Indeed, 1 to 2 packs of 24-inch tape in hair wigs is often enough for a full head.

As for the application, the cost is based on hair rows which would be around $20 per row. To sum up, the price of 24-inch tape in hair extensions containing the extensions and installation is roughly $140.

Although it also increases the amount depending on the chosen hair colors and how many rows you want to install, you still save considerable money when compared to micro-loop or fusion.

Besides its advantages, there is still a typical drawback of 24-inch tape in hair extensions. The process of sew-in hair extensions is relatively complicated. This method takes a long time to install and needs to hire a skilled hairstylist. If you never had extensions before the method is not recommended. You should start with temporary ways like clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions.

We have just shared with you some common types of 24-inch hair extensions. Each hairstyle comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so hopefully, with some of the things we listed above, this will help you make the wisest decision.

So how to take care of 24-inch hair extensions to always get a glamorous look? Let’s focus on the next part!

How to take care of 24-inch hair extensions

Caring for 24-inch clip in hair extensions

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: take your 24-inch hair extensions off before going to bed

The tiny combs of the extensions can hurt your scalp while you sleep so start with the uppermost wigs first. then move on to the middle and bottom ones.

Step 2: wash your 24-inch hair extensions once per month

Dampen them with warm water. Then use a small amount of shampoo and gently massage them. Repeat with the conditioner.

Note: if your hair extensions are human, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner intended for extensions. if your hair extensions are synthetic, use a wig shampoo.

Step 3: air dry 24-inch hair extensions

Keep in mind that don’t brush while your extensions are wet because this will make them become frizz. Use a soft towel to pat them and place them in a well-ventilated area. Wait until your extensions are dry before styling them.

Step 4: Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your 24-inch hair extensions

Start brushing them from the ends to the tops, and avoid using the same brush that you utilize to comb your natural hair, especially if they are synthetic fibers as the oils from your hair can degrade synthetic fibers.

Step 5: keep your 24-inch hair extensions moisturized

If you often style them, pay attention to moisturizing them properly. Don’t overuse them because they will become greasy than your real locks.

Step 6: Take care when your 24-inch hair extensions are heated styling

If you heat style your extensions, make sure of using protect spray and low temperature, especially for synthetic extensions. Bear in mind that your wigs are dry before heat style them. And another important thing, style them before applying them to your head.

Besides, you also use no-heat styling methods if your extensions are made from synthetic fibers.

Caring for 24-inch sew in hair extensions

Let’s take a look the sequence below:

Step 1: detangle your hair before washing it

Use a wide-toothed comb or special looper brush to comb from the ends to the roots in small sections. if you just install extensions, it is recommended to wait a few days before brushing your hair. If you must brush them, avoid causing tension and approaching too close joints.

Step 2: wash your hair once or twice a week

It is suggested that you should wash 24-inch sew-in hair extensions as often as you wash your real hair. try to avoid touching sewn parts. Lather your hair lightly and massage it in circular motions.  

Use a gentle shampoo. If you are still wondering, you can consult with a professional hair stylist about what kinds of shampoo you should use.

Step 3: apply a conditioner

Start from below the sewn part. Notice that if you apply too much conditioner to joints, your hair extensions can fall out because of the oils in the conditioner.

Step 4: dry your hair from the roots

It is true that applying to sew-in hair extensions will take twice as long to dry. If you want to use a hair dryer, consider spraying your hair with a heat protectant first. you should dry your hair in a low heat setting, it will take longer, yet your hair will be healthier.

Step 5: cover your hair with a sleeping cap before going to bed

This will help to keep your hair from getting frizzy while you sleep. It is highly recommended to braid extensions or put them up in a ponytail before going to bed.

Caring for 24-inch tape in hair extensions

There are certain steps to take care of 24-inch tape in hair extensions:

Step 1: detangle your hair before washing it

This steep is similar with sew in hair extensions.

Step 2: wash your hair gently

Tilt your head back and gently massage from the roots to the ends. With tape in hair extensions, it is crucial not to pull too much or scrub too hard.

Step 3: apply a conditioner

When you apply conditioner, it is suggested to avoid the root area of the hair extensions just apply the middle and ends of your hair. in addition, you can use a leave-in conditioner spray to keep softness and lessen tangles.

Step 4: dry your hair without damage

Instead of drying in a scrubbing motion, wrap your hair in a soft towel. If using a hair dryer, it is absolutely important to set up the heat at a low temperature to avoid damage. Once the hair is about 50% dry, you can comb and style them.

Regarding styling, keep in mind that while straighteners and curling irons your hair extensions, it is essential to keep heat away from the tape attachment as much as possible.

We have just provided you some essential information about 24-inch hair extensions. Have you ever experienced any 24-inch hair extension methods before? Share with us! If not, hopefully, our post today will be useful for you. If you have any wonder about this article don’t hesitate to leave all your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you!

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