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When you think of applying for hair extensions, one of the rationales is that you feel too bored for your short hair and dream of a long one, don’t you?  Your original hair needs to be added volume as well as length.

Yet, you are considering how many lengths of hair extensions are best for your natural hair, right? There is an amazing thing, of all hair lengths, 22-inch hair is been interesting in beauty.

There are various questions sent to our page related to 22-inch hair extensions, so Belady Hair Factory article today will give you the most information you need to know about. Don’t miss out on any parts!

Description of 22 inch hair extensions

22 inch hair extensions
(Source: Internet)

This 22-inch hair extension is a wonderful way to add some extra volume and length to your already fabulous hair. By installing 22-inch hair, you can shift your look instantly with length and fullness at the same time.

From the picture above, 22-inch hair extensions are equivalent to 55 cm. Also, it can be seen that it is of the best length which is great for those who desire to have a sexy look. If compared to 12-inch hair extensions, from my perspective, this length is more versatile as well as attractive.

22-inch hair is considered a darling option because most clients choose it intending to add length and flowing locks. More important, winter is finally coming so this length is perfect and safe for your appearance if you intend to change your hairstyle.

There are numerous perse types for customers to choose from on the market today such as a full headset, micro ring, pre-bonded, or quad weft. It is suggested based on your purpose and natural hair situation to make a wise decision.

In addition, 22-inch hair extensions have radically different hairstyles which we are going to mention in the below section. Read on

Different styles of 22 inch hair extensions

The styles of 22-inch hair extensions are perse on the market. We are going to list some popular sorts of this length. We reckon that you will wow because of the variant in each style.

22 inch curly hair extensions

22 inch hair extensions
Black curly hair extensions (Source :Internet)

When it comes to this length, it seems that curly hair extensions are the prime option of the styles chosen by many clients. The reason is that this style brings a sexy and mysterious look for applier, especially if this style is combined with black or dark brown colors.

Another reason making curly hairstyle ubiquitous is that it is suitable for different face shapes such as oblong, diamond, square, round, triangular, heart, or oval face shapes.

For example, if you own a square face shape, this fabulous style with the length will help to soften the squareness of the jawbone because the rounded shape created by two sides, the softness of the curls themselves as well.

This makes your face look slimmer and more charming. If your face shape is round, these 22-inch curly hair extensions will add vertical length and minimize width.

22 inch straight hair extensions

22 inch hair extensions
black straight hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Along with the 22-inch curly hairstyle we have just mentioned, the straight one is radically popular. It is not exaggerated that this style is always all the rage and immortal in the market.

The marvelous hairstyle is absolutely to wear because it brings a natural look to customers. Moreover, one outstanding perk of this hairstyle, unlike curly ones, it is perfect for those who are big on simplicity or do not have much time to care for their hair extensions part.

There are vastly different colors for you to choose such as gold, black, brown, or blonde.

22 inch body wave hair extensions

22 inch hair extensions
ombre body wave hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Another style with the length we would like to recommend is that body wave hair extensions. If straight hair makes you feel too bored, it is time to try to install a body wave style.

Mixing this hairstyle with the length and classic oval face in a perfect way, can give you a fresh feeling. Bear in mind that if your face is somewhat long or have a big forehead, you are recommended not to have a try because this hairstyle will lengthen your face

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Should I buy 22-inch synthetic hair or human hair?

Answer 1: Thanks for your interest in our post. It is based on factors in terms of versatility and affordability. Regarding 22-inch human hair wigs, it is versatile in styling and gives a natural look.

In addition, human hair wigs come in various textures. With proper maintenance, human hair extensions can last about one year or more. Yet the disadvantage of this type is that price of human hair wig is relatively expensive. Considering 22-inch synthetic hair extensions, unlike human hair wigs, this type requires low care.

You just have to wash simply and then shake these wigs, and they will return to the initial style. Alternatively, compared to the cost of human hair extensions, synthetic one is reasonably priced. However, the lifespan of synthetic hair wigs does not last like human hair; on average, it can last within several months. we hope that our rely can help you make a proper decision.

Question 2: How to take care of 22-inch curly hair extensions?

Answer 2: There are some useful tips to care for your curly hair wigs:

Wash gently

When you wash your curly hair extensions, use sorts of gentle shampoos and treat your curly hair wigs as your virgin hair. Avoid using a comb to brush your hair weaves when wet. It is recommended to use your fingers to detangle.

Air dry 22 inch curly weaves

It is said that using a hair dryer on curly hair extensions will breed dryness and fizz in long run. Most professions suggest air dying is the best way if you want to serve your curly weaves.

Apply serum for that shine

It is essential to apply several water-based serums after washing and before air drying. This assists in retaining glow and shine in curly weaves.

Consult with professional hair stylists when confused

On the market today, there are various hair care products, conditioners, shampoos, and moisturizers, and it is relatively difficult for you to choose suitable products for your hair. In case of confusion, ask a professional for opinions.

Store 22-inch curly hair extensions well

When they are not in use, you should wash and store them in Ziploc bags. Remember to apply some light sprays to your 22-inch curly hair wigs before storing; which helps the next time usage become easier (softer, tangle free, and curly).

Hope that you feel pleased with our reply. Thank you!

Question 3: What qualities should I seek when choosing the right shampoo for my 22-inch hair extensions?

Answer 3: Thanks for your interest in our post first. here’s a list of qualities you look for:

  • Opting the right shampoo for type hair of yours.
  • Don’t utilize shampoos containing sulfates.
  • Buy quality brands.

Question 4: Do hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Answer 4: We are absolutely grateful for your wonder first. we believe that every single technique used by a professional hair stylist, for both applying and removing hair extensions, along with the appropriate maintenance done by you, will not lead to damaged hair. The only risk that can influence the quality of long-term hair is by utilizing the heat fusion technique.

Question 5: Sports with 22 inch hair extensions?

Answer 5: Thanks for your question. You can take part in any sports you like just need to ensure that you already tie your hair extensions of yours in a ponytail, bun, or braid to avoid the risk of tangling. For some sorts of sports like swimming, biking or jogging keep in mind that sea water or chlorine is dehydrated. Therefore, if you swim in the sea or pool, don’t forget to apply a serum or oil hair care and wash them that same night.

Question 6: Are 22-inch curly hair extensions thick enough?

Answer 6: Yes, it is definitely beautiful and the bread-and-butter of hair providers. Yet it cannot line up with your expectation because it is estimated to be 95-100g per bundle.

Question 7: what are the best hair extensions for me?

Answer 7: From my perspective, the best hair extensions are those that can mix well with your natural hair as well as fit your lifestyle. For instance, if you are into participating in physical activities such as dancing, running, working out, or swimming on the daily basis- perhaps I think it is best to consider temporary applications like clip-in hair extensions as you can take in or take out easily. Or if you are into indoor activities, you can think about some other methods like sew-in, loop, or tape-in hair extensions.

Question 8: Should I get hair extensions?

Answer 8: there are certain rationales why you should install hair extensions:

  • Add volume and length: It is obvious that if you have to experience hair loss or thin hair, hair applications will help you solve rabidly these problems. In another situation, if you got an unexpected haircut and want to cover it up, hair extensions will fix that.
  • Enjoy vastly different colors: If you want to change your color hair instantly without dying hair, hair extensions are a great choice. You can add highlights or ombre depending on your hobbies.
  • Change style immediately: if you want to change up your look, hair extensions will give you any hairstyle longer and fuller.
  • Use easily: Hair extensions are super effortless to utilize. For example, they can be clipped in or out of your head in a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t cause damage: Hair extensions allow you to experience your hair and perse looks, without hindering your natural hair growth or resulting in damage to your natural hair


#1: oh my gosh, I am big on this hair. Frankly, I am a newcomer in hair extensions so your knowledge in this field is still limited; so, safely, I chose 22-inch straight hair wigs. It is little shedding and tangling. Its length and volume make you look more gorgeous and sexy. It rocks my mood so much.

#2: reasonable price. 22-inch curly hair extensions are decent for the price. Love it so much.

#3: Great quality. I bought 22-inch straight hair extensions for the first time at my son’s graduation. It is 6 months already and I have up till now. It is still beautiful and is a little tangle, which makes me so flabbergasted. I just want to say that I am 100% content with this hair.

#4: Wow! I have wonderfully experienced 22-inch body wave hair wigs. It is soft and silky. I come from the other side of the world. So I always dream of owning Vietnamese hair girls. Now, I will loyal to 22-inch body wave hair extensions from Vietnam.

#5: Great! 22-inch curly weaves are perfect for me. I bought grey curly hair wigs, and because this style looks so fabulous I decided to buy an extra brown and blonde one.

#6: I had an amazing experience with 22-inch body wave hair extensions. I also introduce this fabulous hair to relatives as well as colleagues. They are extremely great so I think I will stick with this hair in the future.

#7: Great length and volume ever. 22-inch curly hair wigs make me look so beautiful and elegant. My husband was astonished when seeing my new hairstyle. What’s more, this hair is soft. Alternatively, I bought clip-in hair extensions that are super easy to take out of my hair and maintenance. Love it very much.

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