Flattering Tricks Choose Styles Of 18 Inch Hair Extensions Fitting For Every Face Shape

We have discussed much the types of 18 inch hair extensions in these previous articles when attempting to decide what types best for you. So it will be missing if don’t talk about styles of the length of hair extensions. Understanding that, our article today will share with you astonishing tricks to select styles of 18 inch hair extensions befitting for each face shape.

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Description of 18 inch hair extensions

On the market, there are various lengths of hair extensions for clients to choose. One of the most popular lengths is 18 inch hair extensions. why say that? The reason is that this length is just long enough, not neither too short nor too long. It is relatively easy to take care as well as install. You can see this length visually in the below picture.

18 inch hair extensions
Which is the length of hair extensions best for you?
(Source: Internet)

It is not accidental that this length is extremely ubiquitous because it is definitely suitable for beauties to wear in many circumstances such as go to work, go to school and hang out. You will appear to be young and active if you apply this length, we must say!

There are some common types of this length you can take into consideration such as tape-ins, clip-ins or halo. In addition, the persity of colors brings different options for you depending on your own hobbies. Recently, some kinds of colors are being all the rage namely highlight, pastel or ombre.

And have you ever stuck in choosing the style of 18 inch hair extensions? You don’t even know what your face shape is, do you? Don’t worry! Let’s take a look at the next part.

The methods to determine what your face shape is

18 inch hair extensions
5 popular face shapes-determine your face shape (Source: Internet)

If you want to look so gorgeous and glamorous, it is absolutely important to determine what your face shape is. And if you do not know yet, we will recommend several easy ways to determine your face shape. Read on!

Method 1:

Step 1: find a photo of yourself with your hair totally pulled back or off your face.

Step 2: analyze your face relied on the above picture.

Step 3: choose your face shape

Method 2:

Step 1: pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun

Step 2: look in a mirror and analyze your face based on the above chart.

Step 3: choose your face shape

It is super easy to determine your face shape, right? By these methods, you are more likely to avoid a hair catastrophe and can select the best style of 18 inch hair extensions.

If you want to know best hairstyles for every face shape in detail, turn your attention to the below part.

Best hairstyles of 18 inch hair extensions suitable for each face shape

Oval face shape

Girls who own this face shape are so lucky, honestly, because the symmetry of the parts of their face, they are fit almost any haircuts or styles. We recommend that 18 inch hair extensions with heavy fringes or cuts should best be avoided. Alternatively, keep in mind that you do not wear curls along your face as they will change that symmetry. Nevertheless, you can opt to wear some simple straight styles, layered hair with bangs or light curls.

Here are several styles of going with the oval- shaped face:

18 inch hair extensions
EVB box braids hair crochet braids 18 inch (Source: Internet)

Box braids: Box braids will help to show off the overall structure of your face. You can style them easily in different ways and wear them from 2 to 3 months with proper care.

18 inch hair extensions
(Source: Internet)

Bun with bangs: This gorgeous hairstyle will highlight your face perfectly. It requires the low maintenance but will give you all thing you need! Whether you are deep in the mood for something sleek or messy, the style is versatile and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

18 inch hair extensions
Side swept clip in bangs Mochachino brown (Source: Internet)

Side-swept bangs: this style is really great for those who have an oval-shaped face. Side-swept bangs are definitely suitable for special occasions such as meetings or parties. You will look high-fashion and glamorous in this style, we must say!

18 inch hair extensions
Simple updos for 18 inch hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Updos: this style is super easy to make on oval-shaped faces because you do not need to think of over-compensating a certain side or softening certain features. You want to have the chic look, try it!

Oblong face shape

18 inch hair extensions
What is your face shape? (Source: Internet)

If your face shape like the above picture, somewhat it is longer and slimmer than oval-shaped face so it requires nice hairstyles or haircuts helping to flatter and minimize its long length. There are some styles we want to suggest you:

18 inch hair extensions
18 inch water weaves bundle with closure (Source: Internet)

18 inch weave hair extensions: you can think about getting sew in hair extensions, a full lace wig or clip in hair extensions, all of them are so great. This style will give you more flexibility as well as allow you to change your look effortlessly. Also, you can add highlights or ombre to become fresher and more dazzle.

18 inch hair extensions
18 inch hair extensions with lemonade braids (Source: Internet)

Lemonade braids: Lemonade braids are adorable, trendy, and one of the most ubiquitous styles out to African women. To be honest, they are absolutely unique and creative as this protective style with length will highlight your noses, eyes, and smile; therefore, may attract people’s attention. Don’t miss out this exclusive style! Try it now!

18 inch hair extensions
The best haircuts for oblong face shape (Source: Internet)

Layered style: 18 inch hair extensions going with wavy or curly layers are pretty great for oblong face shapes. Add colors to give your look more attractive and flare!

Heart- shaped face

If you own a heart face shape, it is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. The ideal hair extension should avoid covering the angles of the face. Here are some styles 18 inch hair extensions going with heart-shaped face:

18 inch hair extensions
Sleek straight 18 inch hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Ponytail: Ponytails with 18 inch hair extensions will help your own hair look thicker and highlight hidden features such as cheekbones, eyes and smile. Whether you are going for an edge or an elegant look, a ponytail is for everyone. In addition, this style is pretty effortless to apply. We highly recommend you to try at least one time.

18 inch hair extensions
Updos for 18 inch hair extensions-glamorous look (Source: Internet)

Updos: not only is it suitable for oval-shaped faces but it is also perfect for heart face shapes. Updos are perfect for going to work or joining in events. One advantageous point of the style is that it requires very little maintenance and can be achieved in a short amount of time. This magical style will make you become more royal and glamorous if you add jazziness t your look.

18 inch hair extensions
How to install 18 inch hair extensions for bobs hairstyle (Source: Internet)

Long length Bobs: they will help focus attention on your sleekest facial features. this haircut is absolutely versatile, women can wear it in various styles.

Square- shaped face

In general, the round face with 18 inch hair extensions, especially for the crown area, looks incredible. However, the secret to show a killer look is to add curves to your face so that it looks rounder. Hence, 18 inch hair extensions with light waves and curls will smoothen your face effectively and brighten up your look. Frankly to said that hairstyles with 18 inch hair extensions go well with square-shaped faces. Here are some styles that go with square-shaped faces:

18 inch hair extensions
18 inch weave hair extensions- multi 5 Paris weave (Source: Internet)

Big weaves/ curls: this face shape is definitely perfect for those who have square one. One conspicuous advantage of the style is that whether your hair looks funky or messy, big weaves comes in different forms and has no limits. You will appear to be fun and carefree.

18 inch hair extensions
Havana Mambo twist 18 inch hair extensions- synthetic hair (Source: Internet)

Goddess locs: we sure that if you apply this style you will look fabulous and elegant as a protective style. Like box braids, goddess locs can last for 2 to 3 months with proper care. you can add extra hair jewelry to make this hairstyle glamorous!

Round face shape

If your face is a round-shaped face, it is circled and overall the same length and width. Normally, cuts and fringes are best for a round face shape and create sleek angles. In case, if you choose to apply hair extensions, 18 inch is perfect for your look. Here are gorgeous hairstyles for round-shaped faces, check out:

18 inch hair extensions
51 Ghana braids hairstyle with 18 inch hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Ghana Braids: they require a very little maintenance, if you take care of them properly, this style is able to last for weeks, or even several months. the hairstyle with the length is perfect for vacating and traveling. Combine them with different patterns or by adding hair ornaments, you will look elegant and attractive!

18 inch hair extensions
Gorgeous Mila Kunis with 18 inch straight hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Straight and sleek hairstyle: it can be seen from the picture that celebrity-approved hairstyle for a round face is beautifully sleek and shiny style. The length serves to streamline her face. Long straight hair is fascinatingly flattering on round-shaped face, as the length helps to trick your face as if you have a longer face. Remember that doesn’t add any extra body at the sides of the head.

We hope that, after reading this post today, you are not confused about how to choose styles of 18 inch hair extensions suitable for your shape anymore. What is your face shape? Did you choose the best suitable styles with 18 hair extensions? share with us. If you have any questions about our post, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you!

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